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Westfield, New Jersey


Gregory Blasi, R.A


SEI Construction Inc.

This project located in the Kimball Avenue Historic District of Westfield, N.J. replaced the existing undersized 1920 15’-0” tall garage.  This design, allowable by historic district guidelines emulates an 1880’s carriage house and marries the outbuilding to the existing homes Queen Anne style.  The ground floor provides comfortable parking for two large vehicles, a garden sink, and a walk-up stair to storage.  The structure was built into the landscape minimizing the height from the rear while easing the slope of the existing driveway.  The building's base is detailed with brick veneer, siding and trim match the existing, and a direct relationship between dormers, frieze trim, and detailing relate to the existing residence and its 1880’s design. Brick detailed retaining and seat walls, with recessed lighting borders the new paving and Belgian block walkway.  This structure, in the overall site layout, completes the appearance of a historically accurate residence, carriage house, and gardens of the 1880s.

04 Garage Front Elevation 2.JPG
05 Garage Front Elevation Askew.JPG
06 Garage Side Askew.JPG
15 Garage Front Elevation Askew 2.JPG
09 Garage Entry Detail.JPG
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