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Westfield, New Jersey


Barbara Vincentsen, AIA., PP

Stephen Kimak, RA

The addition to this 1920’s Craftsman Style home consisted of a front porch with trellis, family room, eat-in kitchen, full bath, existing bedroom alterations, master bedroom suite, and third-floor guest room.  The new additions continued the same window patterns having additional windows custom built with low pitch arches.  Cedar shake siding, window casings profiles, and open rafter tail details were continued throughout.  Painted colonial leaders and gutters with replaced with galvanized half-round gutters and round leaders.  Shed roof dormers were added to provide more height and natural light on the third floor.  Walkways, fencing, and gardens sensitive to the design were installed.

02 Front Askew 2.jpg
05 Rear Elevation.jpg
01 Front Askew.jpg
04 Front Porch Detail.jpg
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