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This original Cape Cod was renovated in the 1990s by Milton Klein, A.I.A. into a graceful postmodern aesthetic.   The new project consists of site access, three-car garage, workshop, guest bedroom suites with adjoining entertainment space for family, link, mudroom, laundry, and kitchen addition.  The garage has been built with a concrete structural deck to allow for lower-level storage of equipment.  Matching dry-laid stone and siding was used throughout.  The existing asphalt roof was replaced with wood shake and copper.  The link has been finished with French doors, wood pilasters, and paneling. The kitchen addition allows for unobstructed views of the client's vast property.  Terraces were increased in size, decorative stone and brick framed paths from drive court thru new covered walk to entry was created.  This addition strove to provide new space while respecting the original addition.

03 Garage Front.jpg
01 Porte Cochere Entry.jpg
04 Garage Rear.jpg
05 Terrace.jpg
06 Terrace 2.jpg
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