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This cottage, Orangerie, and greenhouse project is one of the most interesting projects of my career.  A simple cottage consisting of a large dining room, kitchen, and guest bedroom suite has been inspired by a Victorian aesthetic.  The brick façade is detailed with curved fascia details, brackets, and trellis.  Victorian detailed columns and trellis create a covered space outside of the dining room as well as partially form the courtyard.  A simple lawn courtyard is framed by pea gravel walks, cottage, colonnade, greenhouse, brick courtyard wall, and Orangerie. The Orangerie is accessible directly from the cottage.  This glass structure will protect fruit trees from Mendham winter nights.  The floors have been finished with decorative concrete tiles.  Across the courtyard from the cottage a green house has been designed for late winter and early spring plantings.

27 Cottage Front Askew 4.jpg
04 North Toward Courtyard 2.jpg
16 Nortch from Orangerie Pergola.jpg
02 South Toward Courtyard.jpg
05 East Entry.jpg
07 Courtyard Axis.jpg
09 Pathway and Cottage Axis.jpg
28 Gateway View.jpg
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