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This 1920’s Colonial has been completely renovated on the interior.  This included altering the master bedroom suite adding a master bath, a new second-floor laundry, and a guest bedroom suite. The additions consist of a new and enlarged kitchen, mudroom, and sunroom.  The manor house addition matches the existing brick veneer while the new one-story sunroom and mudroom have been detailed with pilaster trim and paneling.  Both lower-level roofs received  copper standing seam roofs. A new balcony has been created above the kitchen addition with access from two bedrooms.  Both additions received copper metal seam roofs. This addition and renovation has been designed to match the existing homes scale, proportions, and materiality while providing modern day interiors.

16 Front Elevation 2.jpg
17 Front Elevtion Askew 3.jpg
02 Front Elevation Askew.jpg
04 Garage Elevation.jpg
06 Front Sunroom Elevation.jpg
10 Sunroom Rear.jpg
18 Rear Facade 2.jpg
19 Rear Facade 3.jpg


11 Front Facade Before.jpg
13 Rear facade Before.jpg


15 Front Elevation Askew 2.jpg
18 Rear Facade 2.jpg
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