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Architect/Designer: Anthony Valent, AIA, LEED AP

Gregory Blasi, RA

This new structure consists of a toilet and shower facility with a separate exterior accessed family bathroom and shower compartment The building is a fully handicap accessible facility with camping wash stations on an exterior covered porch.  The building exterior relates to a camping aesthetic while the interior is clad in masonry glazed block and smart lighting for camping visitors during early morning hours.  A full basement has been provided for mechanical systems and private access. This structure has replaced a smaller wood-framed plywood-clad building. The facility has been designed to serve Voorhees state park campers for generations to come.

03 - Voorhees Front Elevation 3.jpg
02 - Voorhees Front Elevation 2.jpg
04 - Voorhees Rear Elevation.jpg
05 - Voorhees Side Detail.jpg
06 - Voorhees Vestibule Detail.jpg
07 - Voorhees Interior Sinks.jpg
08 - Voorhees Interior Stalls.jpg
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