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Architect/Designer: Greg Blasi, RA

This project builds on the initial design elements of BCB Maplewood. Millwork, flooring, ceilings, frameless glass offices, and conference partitions,  as well as lighting, were adapted for this design. This project was started as a vanilla box but required demolition, new foundations, and framing.  The two-story addition and alteration included a new glass entry with metal roofing, site work, interior plan changes, and alteration of the layout.  The unique feature of this became a hospitality area with seating, a coffee station, and built-in bench seating.  This custom built in is accented by marble panel and task lighting.  

01 BCB WB Front.JPG
03 BCB WB Front 3.JPG
17 BCB WB Front Desk 4.JPG
05 BCB WB Front Desk.JPG
07 BCB WB Front Desk 2.JPG
06 BCB WB Benches and Coffee Bar.JPG
10 BCB WB Bench and Coffee Bar Detail.JPG
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